MAD FIT with Rhys Maddocks

I’m Rhys Maddocks: Strength and conditioning coach and Nutritionist.

As a Personal Trainer, I work with those wanting to achieve more from their exercise routines, get better accountability and feel supported by my knowledge and expertise.

I support my clients using a mix of mobility work, weight and resistance training and cardio conditioning.

My true passion lies in the mental aspect of physical training and endurance; and how a well honed exercise regimen can vastly improve the way we live our lives with a greater self-esteem and a more motivated outlook on life.

Weight Loss



I love working with all types of individuals and my training plans are never dependent on ability. Each programme I create will be specifically designed to you alone and will cater to your requirements and preferred outcome – whatever your reason ‘why’ may be.

If you find yourself:

– Lacking motivation on any level

– Losing confidence: physically or mentally

– Without a regular exercise routine or feeling lost with your diet

– Fatigued

– Already having a good exercise routine but wanting to inject more knowledge and variety into it

– Would like to learn heavy lifting techniques

– Wanting change but never finding the time to START

– Avoiding exercise due to injury or fear of injury

– Lost in a world of social media lifestyle advice and wanting to start simple but with effect

– Needing a new and healthy hobby

Get in touch and let’s make a plan. There is such potential in ALL of us to do more and feel better and I can help you to realise and achieve the change. The hardest part is sending the message. Make today THE day! 🙌

With ten years of experience in the health and well-being industry, I will formulate a pathway to fully support and facilitate the journey ahead and support you all the way. Let me put in the hard work on your behalf – you just need to show up.

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